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Rationale for K-8 Grading Scales

Marking Codes for grades K-2 honor the developmental nature of learner progress at these grade levels. When traditional letter grades (A, B, C, D, F) are used, there is a tendency to compare a learner’s performance with other students. Alternate marking codes (I, P, NT or E, S, N) are often used with younger children when a system wants students to focus on learning, rather than getting a certain grade or comparing students to each other. Also, the alternate marking codes help parents get into the mindset of standards-based assessment rather than comparing learners to each other.

Philosophy for Language Arts Combined

Pathways: A Journey to Excellence Through Literacy has adopted a holistic, yet integrated, view of the language arts.  A holistic philosophy acknowledges that there are important parts to any whole, but it is the whole that is primary. Therefore, reading, writing, speaking & listening, and language development are reflected in one summative grade on the NAD elementary report cards. These skill areas align with the domains of the NAD Elementary Language Arts Standards. We are requesting that you honor this philosophy as you report language arts grades for your students.

Instructional Level for Math and Reading


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